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Remote, North Carolina / Sales & Development / Part or Full-Time


Health Possible is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that incentivizes people and families to invest in philanthropy and health practices that improve their total quality of life. The mission, the people, the lifestyle, the providers โ€” we are empowering others to start this journey, and weโ€™re dedicated to supporting every personalized situation in a way that makes every person their own hero.

The Health Possible team is opportunity-finding, hope-creating, tough-loving, limit-pushing, circumstance-adjusting, change-igniting, community-driven, and on a mission to scale big in 2022.

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Membership Agents work remotely in their home-based city in virtual and in-person collaboration with their assigned team of other Agents, Consultants, and Assistants.

Reporting to their locally assigned Lead Agent, the Membership Agent plays a key role in educating individuals, families, and business owners on costs, investments, and savings toward medical and wellness care. Membership Agents aim to educate and then onboard fitting prospects for the Health Possible Wellness+ Cost Sharing Community. Beyond education and onboarding, it is every Agents job to ensure that their Members have an opportunity to give and support others within our membership community, plus are cared for with the finances, resources, tools, and expertise they need to continuously upgrade their personal abilities and lifestyle.


The Membership Agent serves their entire County and its residents from education to enrollment and owns all relationship management and communication with their Members thereafter. You will be responsible for:

Lead Generation & Strategy: Determining the locations and mediums of Health Possible prospects, understanding and improving your local community’s education level of health sharing, getting leads, managing leads, and building trusted relationships with those individuals.

Member Enrollment: Answering questions about Health Possible’s mission, guidelines, community, and walking prospects through the enrollment process.

Member Success: Collaborate with Direct Primary Care providers, other medical and wellness providers, and nonprofit organizations to ensure Members are knowledgeable and resourceful about what is available to them. Answer Members questions regarding Needs, health goals, financial availability, fundraising opportunities, and software portal navigation. Be accessible.

Member Retention and Growth: Collaborate with Event Managers to improve member experience. Collaborate with all Membership Agents to innovate growth strategies.


2-5 years broad experience in healthcare and/or wellness, with a background relationship management, customer service and goal setting.

Have a deep understanding of healthcare, health sharing, health insurance (know the difference), and healthcare law and policies.

Strong listening skills and the ability to help others find the right answer. Must be able to empower and educate others simultaneously. Strong communication skills are required.

Strong problem solving skills and a solutions-oriented approach. Resourcefulness is one of the widest, longest paths to success.

Embrace the lifestyle that a good salesman does not sell to someone, they sell for someone. Learn, study, and know the Health Possible prospect – and never fear to make or deny each sale appropriately.

Independently motivated, collaborative, competitive, and driven.

Passion for and belief in Health Possible, its mission, and its people.


An ever-greatening desire to learn.

A never-dying drive to make a difference.

Purpose in bettering people.

People who strive to live like no one else so that they can give like no one else.


We take it quite a bit further than changing lives. We strongly believe in becoming one of the most innovative and impactful brands in our niche. Today, you have the opportunity to enter on the ground floor.

Unlimited time off, literally. A deadline is a deadline, what else matters?

Remote work environment plus in-person collaboration as often as we see fit. It’s about company accessibility – whatever gets the job done.

Employee Improvement Credit, which can be used toward your home office or learning something new. Let us know what you need.

Healthcare – Okay, okay, we’re not big enough yet… but you know health shares are often half the cost of health insurance right? And that you can simply join Health Possible… That’s exactly what we are here for ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyways, we’ve got your back.