Locating Wellness

In 2021, Health Possible sold part of its proprietary software and holistic provider network to Upper – a wellness marketplace and care coordination tool now accessible to ANYone! We are proud that the sale of our technology has made holistic health and wellness more accessible beyond Health Possible and to the whole world.

We do our holistic health and wellness care coordination and product sourcing primarily online with our original partnerships, found on Upper, for price transparency and efficiency. However, our members may request care with anyone they’d like, and we do the leg work.


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Beating Jet Lag

Traveling is difficult on the body. Cramming into confined spaces like airplanes and cars for any length of time makes most of us feel stiff and sore by journey’s end. Meals can be irregular and, if you’re not careful, not as balanced as they would be at home. But for many of us, the worstContinue reading “Beating Jet Lag”