Health Possible Membership Pre-Sales are Live

It’s healthcare’s open enrollment season, which means you’re probably upset about re-enrolling for your ever-increasing health insurance plan another year in a row. Never reaching that deducible threshold, paying the insurance rates for your healthcare appointments cash out of pocket, gaps in coverage, and wishing it covered something like personal training, but come on – you and I both know that they won’t.

But what if you didn’t sign up for another insurance plan?

What if there was an alternative, an alternative that did cover personal training, nutrition, mental health, cooking classes, and all of the things that make you a better, more responsible, truly healthier person?

Well now there is, and it can. We’re excited and proud to tell you that it’s here with us at Health Possible.

The Benefits of a Health Possible Membership

We’ve officially launched pre-sales and you can join early! Health Possible is a Wellness Cost Sharing Community, yes medical and catastrophes too, but focused on wellness, and our pre-sales are live. The benefits of joining our nonprofit operated healthcare Cost Sharing Community are as follows:

  • Solely a group of like-minded people who think and live the same (as you)
  • Joining is a means of giving to others needs, and then they give to you
  • Affordable, because it’s non-risk based
  • Payment is based on age and number of people joining per household (that’s it, unless you’re a smoker… so please don’t do that).
  • We operate on a belief system: Our belief is in wellness, healthcare freedom, and personal responsibility. (AKA: No networks, plus fitness, nutrition, mental health, etc.)
  • Sense of community, communication with everyone involved
  • Ability to donate additionally, our ability to fundraise additionally
  • Much more!

There is no sense in waiting. The more people join, the bigger and stronger we become. Will you come with us and start your new life?