A Woman Creating Her Life After “Death”

Today, a young woman called Health Possible from the Raleigh, NC area and shared her story with us, as each phone call honorably does. This particular story does not come often and is the second one like it that we’ve received.

She will remain anonymous.

Death is not always physical. Sometimes, we die inside; death can be an internal experience, our rock bottom – a point so low that most cannot imagine – and often times, people in such a place choose to actually leave us.

Our representative answers the ringing business line, and the woman on the other side admits her decision only a month or so ago that she would commit suicide and formally began on that path. As she is telling us about her commitment to her death, she explained that before she left everyone behind, she would spend the remaining week or so of her life as well as all of her finances on her very best friend – the person who mattered to her most.

She was so committed that she went ahead and completely emptied her bank accounts counting down the days.

During the time spent with her best friend, she suddenly endured a life-saving moment of emotions, and thankfully chose life. This is what we will refer to as her “Life After Death”. Now overwhelmed with a continued mental health battle, she does not know where or how to begin her new life but wants to change, become happy, and get better.

She can no longer afford the travel expenses to and from her workplace that she claims to have loved dearly.

It just so turns out that Health Possible was her first dial for her further life saving mental healthcare today, and any other wellness she can obtain to re-begin more positively. These are the times that long-term healthcare becomes an emergency.

This woman is scheduled to see her psychiatrist once per week and can currently only manage once per month. This one appointment each month allows her to refill a vitally important prescription

As an economic resource to wellness, such as mental healthcare, Health Possible is raising money for her story to immediately begin funding higher volumes of counseling, plus a new Registered Dietitian for brain health and a fitness program. We will continue to raise to further sponsor her future Health Possible Wellness Cost Sharing Membership thereafter, an alternative to health insurance (geared toward wellness) come our effective enrollment dates.

Will you help us in supporting a woman who is finding her life after death?

Let’s show her just how wonderful the world can be, make her health possible by donating below.