Health Possible Evolves into a Wellness Cost Sharing Community

If you have never heard of a Cost Sharing Community in the healthcare industry, don’t worry, because many haven’t and you’re not alone. There are a number of titles that they live under, such as a: Medical Cost Sharing Community, Health Cost Sharing Community, HealthShares or Health Shares, and now, as Health Possible has named its own: a Wellness Cost Sharing (WCS) Community. But that’s not just a branding thing, and it still shares all of the same medical expenses too.

Some of the industries most recognizable brands in this space include MediShare, Liberty HealthShare, Sedera, Zion Health, and there is actually quite a list, which over a million people have joined into. We are happy to say that those numbers are only going up. People often prefer cost sharing communities over their ever-increasing costs of health insurance plans and premiums, whether the insurance member is a risk or not to the company. Americans just can’t afford it anymore, and quite frankly, based on the statistics, we’re not getting any healthier from participating.

Did you know that 90% of Americans never reach their insurance’s deductible threshold? This means that 90% of America is paying cash-out-of-pocket for their healthcare but at the insurance prices for care, which is about $150 for a 15 minute primary care appointment when the non-insurance cash-pay rate is closer to $70. It’s true, and extremely aggravating. Don’t even get us started about the lack of coverage for wellness and holistic medicine.

So, wait, why are we buying health insurance again? Anyway…

Cost Sharing Communities can be an incredible, affordable, inclusive, social, and a motivating alternative. It really depends on how you use it.

What is Cost Sharing?

The Quick Facts
  • Cost Sharing Communities are charitable Nonprofit Corporations
  • Each community agrees to a list of the same beliefs, ethics, and principles
  • There is an Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA)… Random unrelated question for you, have you ever heard of a “deductible” before? Just wondering.
  • Monthly memberships make members eligible for receiving shares
  • The higher your IUA, the lower your monthly membership and vise-versa
  • Members are cash-pay patients/clients (the lesser cost healthcare rates)
  • NO provider networks (healthcare freedom)!!!
  • The nonprofit can negotiate down your healthcare bills on your behalf
  • Care anywhere in the world is eligible for sharing (yes, you read that right; if you’re in another country and need care, we’ve got your back)
  • Memberships can only be for sale in the state(s) that the nonprofit is filed to operate in, but care can be received anywhere in the world and shared in by the community
  • Members and non-members can make tax-deductible donations, creating more shareable resources for community needs
The Long Version

It’s an alternative to health insurance. Plus, it’s simple – the concept was actually created Before Christ (BC) in religious communities, and it means that if I put a piggy bank on a table and you put $100 in that piggy bank and I put $100 in that piggy bank, then together we would have $200 to share amongst the BOTH of our healthcare needs for a certain time period. Pretty cool, right? It’s generosity plus a form of financing, combined, at its finest.

You might be asking yourself, why were they religious? Well, we do have to share the same beliefs and have similar mindsets to have a good experience (religious or not, that’s just how they started). Otherwise, how can you trust each other or care to support each other? For example, if Person A does not believe in pre-marital sex but Person B does, and Person B signs up as unmarried and becomes pregnant, should Person A have to pay for Person B’s sexual health or pregnancy expenses (while probably angry about it)? They do not believe in pre-marital sex and therefore do not care to contribute to such a health event – and this is about giving.

Overall, nobody HAS TO do any of this, and if members are going to have a good experience, then they need to find the cost sharing community that they care to financially support and also feel supported by. Please note, Health Possible is not a religious organization. Our beliefs and ethics are based on personal responsibility, healthcare freedom, and wellness.

What Kinds of People Join Cost Sharing Communities?

  • Business Owners
  • Independent Contractors
  • Self-Employed
  • Part-Time with limited/no benefits
  • Students
  • People who travel often
  • People who want healthcare freedom, no networks, and are self-reliant
  • People who prefer to have control over their benefits and not feel tied or stuck to an employer just for the benefits
  • People and Households seeking a much more affordable option
  • People and Households seeking a community of people that they have things in common with, can count on, and share in the lives of each other (its as social as it is financial – members can all talk in the software chat, meet up, engage in wellness together, and make friends!)
  • Employers who need a more affordable option for their staff

How YOU can Join

These communities are built within nonprofit memberships, where every member joins with the intention to give rather than get. Members join with an understanding (in writing) that their purpose is to give to others expenses rather than to purchase a guaranteed product or service – because “nothing is guaranteed for them” in exchange of their monthly membership. It just means that the nonprofit accepts zero legal risk or liability for the members healthcare needs, nor is the nonprofit measuring any risks, and it cannot be considered to have any similarities to or affiliations with health insurance – it is NOT health insurance. However, members of course hope to be shared back with in their own times of need (and that is always the nonprofits purpose, structure, and goal). Memberships are for sharing… literally, say it with me: Healthcare… cost.. sharing… Voila!

The Joining Process is:
  1. Visit
  2. Click “Join Now” and Register your profile with us
  3. Stop there once you finish that. We JUST created this program, so we have a lot to add to our software. A Health Possible representative will call you by phone to provide you with the following information, details, and next steps via email:
  4. Read our Wellness Cost Sharing Community Guidelines
  5. Agree to and sign those Guidelines
  6. Choose your IUA + monthly rate
  7. Sign your [pre-sales] registration contract
  8. Ta da! You’re a Member!
  9. Health Possible will charge all pre-sales contracts to be effective and enrolled by January 1, 2022.

Why is Health Possible doing this?

Funny enough, we were already doing half of this concept for four years. So, now we are just tying up a loose end. In 2017, Health Possible was founded to raise money to spend on its communities wellness healthcare needs. Health Possible always required payment from its clients for commitment and value, but unfortunately, often had to limit the number of people it could serve based on those payments. We use to have a true provider network, now we just have an exceptional list of resources.

Through monthly membership rates, plus allowing others to sponsor memberships, the total funds available for expenditure are built by its membership community. Even with only two people and full financial transparency, we are an operating cost sharing community. Former non-client donors can now be considered Members of our cost sharing community where they continue to give AND become eligible for sharing back to their own needs, should they choose to. Donations can still be made to either (1) sponsor memberships directly, (2) fund the very-large-need account that is allocated for needs such as but not limited to cancer treatments, accidents, catastrophes, etc., or (3) administrative projects that can expand or deepen its impact. Donate here. To help us add to our very-large-expense account for things like cancer treatment, etc., please contact Sara Auld at

Health Possible does not deny memberships as long as the required monthly rate is met and the member agrees to the Health Possible Guidelines.

What Makes Health Possible’s Wellness Cost Sharing Community the Better Community to Join?

We are leveraging our mission of prioritizing wellness as the forefront of our membership. Meaning our members shares can be shared toward those same personal training, nutritionist, mental health counseling, etc. types of appointments. PLUS, we share for medical needs now too.

Now, as much as we care about you, we are not going to tell you all of our business secrets. We have private innovative sharing guidelines in place to make the world a much, much healthier place, engaging sharing often. Come on, you knew we weren’t just here to help with accidental burdens. We get people MOVING and we like to always do it better – whatever “it” is.

We could not be more excited to grow into this evolution. It will only deepen our culture by bringing everyone who has been involved for over four years together more closely and directly.

You can join Health Possible by visiting or emailing us at Call or text (910)-800-0287 to speak with a Health Possible representative.