The health differences of living in the suburbs versus living in the city

In 2021, with cities and large metropolitan areas now experiencing higher than normal populations, more constituents are relocating further away from the city and moving to more rural or suburban areas, finding out that not only can costs of living be lower for them, but there are many benefits associated with living in less congested areas and communities that can offer amenities that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. 

You may be thinking, the city has it all! How could living in the suburbs possibly compare? The answer is, there are a lot of ways that living in a suburban area can better connect you with more health-oriented communities, less polluted areas, and an overall increased state of wellbeing. 

  • Many neighborhoods that are built further away from the city are designing their communities to entice residents to lead a more health-oriented lifestyle by providing them with amenities such as fitness centers, nature preserves, pools, golf courses and many other offerings that encourage tenants to participate in activities that promote a healthier lifestyle. 
  • The city can often be busy place, heavily populated with people commuting to and from work creating high pollution levels, in which long term exposure can cause a variety of adverse health outcomes. Residing in an area that is lower in pollution level and higher in clean air, can vastly improve our quality of life. 
  • The suburbs can also provide a safer environment for its residents. In larger cities, some hold crime rates that could be considered much higher than its suburban counterparts. Additionally, new homes that are built in newer suburban areas offer increased safety measures such as state of the art security systems, that can offer residents more peace of mind while sleeping at night.  

With many communities sprouting in areas that offer less congestion, increased safety measures and more health-oriented amenities, now is a great time to explore what your suburban area has to offer! 

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